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Scalable Vector Graphic Wiring Diagrams

Printing Wiring Diagrams | Tips & Tricks

Important Version 1.3 Update Note: to access the Scalable Vector Wiring Diagrams, you need to change your Wiring Diagram Settings. Choose Setup/User Access and then pick Use high quality, searchable color diagrams. You also need the SVG Viewer 3.0 plug-in (free download) which must be installed on each computer in order to view the color wiring diagrams.

Starting with Version 1.3, wiring diagrams can be displayed in clear, crisp color using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), the exciting new XML-based language for Web graphics.

As with other Repair figures, a number of options are available for zooming and panning the figure display to focus on the portion of the diagram you are most interested in. Because the SVG format displays text that is not bitmapped, the text is cleaner and easier to read. Available icons are described below.

The Exit icon closes the Figure Window.
The Zoom In icon expands the image so that it zooms in on the center of the image. Grayed if maximum zoom. Click the icon until maximum magnification. 
The Zoom Out icon shrinks the image so that it zooms out with the focus at the center of the image. Grayed if maximum zoom. Click the icon until minimum magnification. 
The Actual Size icon appears in the toolbar for figures. It returns an image to its normal size. 
Select the Grab Figure icon to move the figure around in the display. The Grab Figure pointer works in conjunction with your left mouse button; point the pointer anywhere in the figure, and holding down the left mouse button, re-position the figure. Release the mouse button when the figure is re-positioned as desired.
The Previous icon displays the figure listed before the current figure. 
The Next icon displays the figure listed after the current figure.

Printing Wiring Diagrams

Click the Print icon in the wiring diagram window to print the currently displayed diagram.

  • To print the entire diagram, display the diagram full screen and click Print.

SVG Wiring Tips & Tricks

Searching in SVG Wiring Diagrams:

  1. Using your mouse, push the right-click button with your cursor anywhere on the diagram.
  2. A drop down menu displays, select Find
  3. The Find in SVG box displays.
  4. Type the single word you want to find in the graphic and choose the Find Next button.
  5. The results will be highlighted in blue. Select Find Next to locate the next occurrence of the word.

Keyboard Hotkeys for SVG:

  • Alt + Mouse activates the grab function to navigate through diagram
  • Ctrl + Mouse activates zoom in. Left-click zooms in or click and drag to select a boxed area to zoom on.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Mouse activates zoom out.



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