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Filtering your TSB Search

Once you have selected a vehicle, choose the TSB tab to begin your search for TSBs in ShopKey5.

Initially, the display area shows all TSBs for the selected Vehicle. You can choose from the All TSBs list or you may want to refine your selections with a filtered search.

Viewing All TSB Titles

By Default, all TSBs for the sected vehicle display initially. Once you have made additional category selections you can again view all TSBs by clicking the All TSBs link.

Then click on the TSB title you'd like to view. The TSB article displays in the viewing area of your browser window. TSB articles are displayed the same as other ShopKey5 repair articles and may include figures and hyperlinks to related articles.


Filtered TSB Search

Use a filtered search to refine your TSB search to a specific Category and then to specific Components, Symptoms, or Content Types.

First you choose a Category (Accessories and Body, Cab, for example), then choose a Section (for example, Door Locks & Anti-Theft Systems). Available Components, Symptoms, and Content filters for which TSBs are available display in the TSB Filters area. Pick the Filters for the types of TSBs you want to see.

Choose Show All if you want to deselect all TSB filters. This will display all TSBs for your selected Vehicle Category/Section.





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