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Searching for Repair, TSB, Tips Information

Using: Advanced Search Operators | Wild Cards/Did you mean? | TSB/Tips Search
See Also: Maintenance/Estimator Search features a state-of the art search capability that takes you right to the information you are looking for. Just type a word or phrase in the Search field, and pick from the articles that mention the word or phrase in a heading.

To conduct a word or phrase search:

1. After selecting a Vehicle and Module, type a word or phrase in the Search box. You'll notice that as you type, a listing of matching search ("auto complete") phrases displays beneath the text box.

2. Pick a search word or phase (or finish typing) and click on the Search button. The word search returns an ordered listing of Articles with matches of the search text in a heading or article body.

By default, ShopKey5 searches for the "exact-phrase" you typed in. Article Titles are sorted by relevence, based on the state-of-the-art ShopKey5 search algorithms designed to provide the most likely answers to your search requests.

Search Display Options By default, ShopKey5 categorizes search queries. This allows you to quickly find the article information in the component category of interest. You may toggle the search to ignore categories by clicking the group results by category checkbox. You may also toggle on/off the setting to show categories with no results.

3. Select the Article Title. You are taken to the first instance of the search text in the Article. Press the Enter key to go to the next instance of the search text in the article. For quicker reference, all article headings containing the search text are highlighted in the index panel to the right.

TSB/Tips Search

Your initial search will result in relevent repair articles. Links to the right provide access to TSBs & Recalls and Tips. Just click on the link for an ordered listing of the most relevent articles of these types.

Advanced Search Operators

In addition to searching all article text search also supports the use of logical operators. This means that you can craft more complicated searches to either increase, or narrow down, the "hits" to your search criteria.

The "OR" Operator

Let's say for example, you want to find all the articles that mention the word "brakes" or the word "fluids". You could construct a Search using the logical operator "OR" (must be all caps). Just type "brakes OR fluids" in the Search field to get a listing of articles containing either term.

Exact match

Enclosing the search phrase in quotation marks informs the search engine that you wish to search on the exact phrase only. Only those articles with a match to the exact phrase you are looking for will be returned. For example, you might type "Torque Converter" if you only desire a listing of articles with that exact phrase without also including articles that have the words Torque and Converter in seperate parts of the article.


If you start a query with [allintitle:], ShopKey5 search will restrict the results to those with all of the query words in the title. For instance a search on allintitle: general information will return only documents that have both "general" and "information" in the title.

Wildcards/Did you mean?

Article Search no longer supports the use of wildcards. However, the "did you mean" function allows many improperly spelled words to generate alternate suggestions. For example, if you type "Transmision" and click search, you get alternate suggestion(s):

Just click the link to display the search results for the word you meant to type.

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