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Working with Repair Information

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Once you have selected a vehicle, choose the Repair tab to begin working with Repair information.

Repair Topics:>> working in article screen | figures | searching

Initially, the Repair Panel displays in the Index view mode, with the main area of the screen displaying information about current program features. This is the mode in which you choose the Category, then the Article and the Heading (shortcut) for which you desire to view repair information.

The Repair panel now switches into the Article View. In this view you view the article headings, text, figure references, and hyperlinks (links to related repair information) in the main part of the window while retaining the ability to quickly navigate to other parts of the article via the shortcuts on the right.


Working in the Article Screen

Once you have selected an article shortcut/heading, you are taken to that point in the article in the Article Screen. Your viewer screen now turns into a two-panel display with the right side displaying your index and the left side displaying your article information.

The Article screen is where you will do most of your work in This is where you will access repair, maintenance, and diagnostic information from ShopKey's comprehensive database of repair information. Use the Index panel to jump quickly to major headings. Use the scroll bars to scroll up and down within the Article and index panels. Use the Index View selection to switch back to the Index view mode in which you can select a different article.



Select the Print heading (upper-right above the Index panel) to display a drop-down choice list of print options.

Choose Entire Article (Text Only), to print the article text or choose Entire Article (Text and Figures) to print the entire article, with text and figures. Choose Current Heading (Text Only) to print only the text for the article heading which you have selected in the headings list. Choose Current Heading (with Figures), to print the Article Text for the selected heading and any Figures referenced in the text.

A preview of your print job is displayed in a printer-friendly format.

Choose Print to open the Windows printer dialog box and send your print job to the printer.



Figures display within the Article text (underlined in blue) and as a subheading in the Index panel. For more information on working with figures, refer to Figures.


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