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Parts Locator Help

Parts Locator is a value-added feature developed in partnership with PartsVoice, America's Leading Parts Locator.

The Parts Locator feature provides easy location of replacement parts that you select from quotes. Parts Locator allows you to select up to twenty five (25) part numbers and then send a request, via the Internet, for a listing of dealers who have some, or all, of the parts in stock. The list is sorted with the dealers closest to your Zip code at the top of the list, followed by dealers of increasing distance.

Canadian Customers: If you want to look up parts from US dealerships, please visit the PartsVoice website.

You specify the parts for which you want to process a Parts Locator request in the worksheet area of the Quotes screen.

To process a Parts Locator request:

1. Add parts to the Quote Worksheet.

2. Select parts to be located by clicking in the check box in the Locate Part column.

A checkmark appears indicating that the part has been selected for a parts locator search.

3. Select Locate Part to process your locate request.

A contact is made to Parts Voice to transmit the request, and retrieves the parts information you requested. Once your request has been successfully processed, the Parts Voice viewer window lists the dealers who stock the part(s) you requested.

 Reading the Parts Locator Display

The Parts Locator Display lists the part number(s) and dealers with the requested part in stock. The list is ordered so that the dealer closest to you (based on the zip code that you entered during setup) is listed first, followed by more distant dealers.


To setup Parts Locator, enter a United States Zip Code or Canadian Postal Code in the Shop Information section of the Setup link.

Note: Under Parts Voice in the Quote Default Settings of the Setup link, United States is the default for the Country Code. To change the Country Code to Canada, select the down arrow and click Save.



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