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2006 Q4 Database Enhancements


Each month, the Editorial Teams at ShopKey work to deliver more new data and updates to existing data in an effort to satisfy the needs of the technicians in the field. Many repair articles are updated as we get new information from the Manufacturers and input from users. Due to the volume of data added each quarter, it is not practical to list every article added. Below is a summary of the articles added.

New TSBs

• Domestic TSBs – 530
• Import TSBs – 1668

Repair Articles

For this release there are 7863 new repair articles covering 22926 vehicle/article lookups. The following are the totals for each category.

• Accessories and Equipment (3780)
• Brakes (247)
• Driveline/Axles (246)
• Electrical (313)
• Engine (978)
• Engine Performance (581)
• HVAC (353)
• Restraints (126)
• Steering (227)
• Suspension (288)
• Transmission (391)
• Other (333)


Mechanical Estimating Data covers most domestic cars from 1974 through 2006, domestic trucks 1974 through 2006 and most import cars and trucks 1974 through 2006. ShopKey listens and cares about your business needs. Expect to see many more illustrations and additional Parts and Labor coverage in future releases. Extensive research by our Technical Editors has led to hundreds of revised labor times and the addition of many new labor operations. Plus, all part numbers and prices have been updated. Count on ShopKey to help you calculate accurate estimates for your business.

Maintenance Information covers most domestic cars from 1983 through 2006, domestic trucks 1983 through 2006 and most import cars and trucks 1983 through 2006.

ShopKey’s extensive maintenance database is constantly being updated with the latest information including scheduled services, time-based services, indicator-light services, fluid capacities and labor times.



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