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Version 2.5 Enhancements

Software Enhancements this Release

Training Videos

If you want to maximize your efficiency of, check out the new training videos for the product.  Each video gives a concise overview of product navigation and helpful hints, so you will be able to find information faster within

  • Repair Overview - Learn about product navigation such as selecting a vehicle and review article tools and options available for viewing and printing. Step-by-step repair procedures including graphics, wiring diagrams and specs.
  • Using Search - The Search function compliments the category approach by allowing users to find data using keywords. It also uses "smart search" to ensure accurate results regardless of terminology.
  • Estimator / Quote Screens - Build estimates with the industry standard labor database from 1974-2006 and OEM parts. Quote screen provides a simple work area for those not currently using our full shop management programs.
  • TSBs / Recalls - Provides access to vehicle mfg. Technical Service Bulletins, allowing shops to quickly pinpoint causes for unusual vehicle complaints. Factory Recalls campaign information is also included and updated monthly.
  • Maintenance / Fluids - Handy access to detailed Scheduled Services with labor times included (1990-up) in Normal, Severe and now Indicator Services on newer vehicles. Fluid specifications and capacities are also found here.


Category Titles (Including quick look-ups)

With the latest release of, we’ve brought the most commonly accessed information forward so that you can easily look-up DTC codes, specifications, procedures, and wiring diagrams

  • Common Specifications and Procedures Index – ShopKey5 pulls together the most frequently accessed information in one brief index.   Information includes engine specifications, firing order, spark plug type and gap, wheel alignment, belt routing, and etc.
  • DTC Index (Trouble Codes) – ShopKey5 provides a complete list of all DTC codes (trouble codes) for every OBD-II vehicle.   All codes are numerically ordered to provide an easy look-up when code information is needed. Along with the codes description, the index contains a link to the trouble shooting information to help diagnose the source of the problem.


Go Back Navigation Links makes it easy to jump to associated information by following hyperlinks.   In this release, we’ve updated the backwards navigation links to allow for easier access to your previous article.   Look for the “Go Back” links just above the articles to navigate backwards to the original article.



Look to the ShopKey5 newsletter for the latest Automotive Industry news, featured OnDemand Live Tips, and featured ShopKey5 shops.  We’ll update the newspaper regularly, so check back for the latest ShopKey5 communications.


At ShopKey5, we’ve been building our automotive library for over 50 years.   You have access to all of ShopKey5’s vintage information by clicking the vintage link within  This includes wiring diagrams, engine performance articles, and more back to 1960.  


Conversion Calculator now includes a conversion calculator.  Quickly convert between metric and imperial measurement systems. This includes conversions for length, area, volume, weight, work, pressure, and temperature.

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