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Pirated Software Resource Center

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Although you may find that buying unauthorized versions of ShopKey products will save you money, it may prove costly to you in the long run. Purchasing unauthorized copies of ShopKey products is illegal. Doing so can result in
both civil and criminal penalties.

If someone approaches you with a deal on ShopKey products that seems too good to be true, it probably is. The best thing to do before you buy ShopKey software from anyone is to check with ShopKey to be sure the product is authorized.

If You Bought Illegal Software

ShopKey actively pursues civil and criminal remedies for buyers and sellers of unauthorized copies of ShopKey software. If you are in the possession of unauthorized ShopKey products, you can avoid legal action by doing
the following.

  1. Voluntarily turn over all unauthorized, unlicensed ShopKey software in your possession.
  2. Voluntarily delete from your computer all programs relating to ShopKey software.
  3. Voluntarily purchase “authorized” ShopKey products. You may send items in your possession to:

Attention: Hugh Murphy
14145 Danielson Street
Poway, California 92064

If You Know of Someone with Illegal ShopKey Software




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