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ShopKey v.5.9 Multi-User Upgrade Bulletin - updated April, 2007

Updating Multi-user ShopKey Service Writer or Management version 5.7/5.8 to version 5.9

Updating Multi-user should be performed by a qualified system engineer. If you wish to perform the update yourself, a basic understanding of your network configuration is required.

There are essentially two steps to the upgrade. Using the new key diskette and CD-ROM an administrative install is first performed, the second step is to run the workstation installation.

Step 1: Upgrade First Workstation (Administrative Installation):

1) Logon to the network and make certain Service Writer or Management System is present on the machine you intend to do the upgrade from.

2) Shut down the management software on all workstations.

3) Insert the CD-ROM into a workstation that has Service Writer or Management installed. If the installation menu does not automatically appear, you may run setup.exe from the root directory of the installation CD.

4) Once the installation start, accept the defaults on all screens. The software will automatically find and update the main application and database.

Step 4 completes the administrative installation. Please remove and safeguard the installation CD-ROM for future use. You may move on to step 5.

Step 2: Upgrade Other Workstations (Workstation Installation) from First Workstation:

5) From each workstation click on my computer and locate the drive letter that represents the location on the server where the management software is installed. Typically it will be at m:\ C:\Snap-On\SKSM(1 or 2), check with your system administrator if you are unable to locate the main program drive and directory.

6) Double click on SETUP.EXE found in the main program folder on the server.

7) Accept the defaults to install the updated workstation software.

8) Continue this process on each workstation.

When all workstations have been updated, you may start using the new version.



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